How to beat summertime sadness: Hair edition

Tips to tackle your summer hair woes

Ah, the splendor of summertime. A time for relinquished inhibitions, fleeting romances, and…damaged hair? It’s true. Your skin might be glowing during the season of sun, but your normally silky strands—not so much. You might be relaxed and carefree, but summer is actually when your hair begs for ample attention. Blame your hair woes on the activities you look forward to all year: pool time (chlorine exposure!), beach days (eeek—saltwater!), and all the other outdoor pursuits when the sun is blazing down on your scalp. So rather than plugging your ears to resist the siren call of summer, here are some tried-and-true tips to beat the heat. And dryness. And color fading. And more:

A dilemma of dryness and breakage

Hair gets thirsty. And much like the person it’s sprouting from, hair will fall apart when it’s parched. First step: Stop excessively washing your hair—you’re stripping the protective oils that help keep the strands hydrated. Then keep your hairstyle loose or in a braid, clip, or scrunched instead of a tight ponytail. And don’t you dare plug in those heated tools if you’ve got dry hair (Would you cook a steak without some oil in the pan?). Instead, use an ultra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that were formulated for dry hair, like Gemmist, to prevent breakage. Then squeeze in some leave-in conditioner, hair mask, or oils for a hydrating bear hug through September. 

Color fading? FML. 

Has a date ever ghosted you? Well, screw them! But we can definitely help you prevent your dye job from going AWOL. Some advice: Use a shampoo and conditioner combo PROVEN to keep color-treated hair as perfect as possible (hello, have you met Gemmist yet?), and shield your hair from the sun’s rays with a hat when you can, too. And since chlorine and saltwater will inevitably greet your hair head-on at some point this summer, lather up with conditioner and oil before you dive in. Since your hair will absorb these molecules first, less chlorine and salt water will infiltrate those precious strands and strip away the color. 

Summer snow (AKA flaky scalp) 

That ain’t snow in August—it’s your scalp flaking! Sun-baking can trigger a sensitive scalp to release some flurries, so apply some sunscreen to your hair part (we love products that protect your skin and also absorb any excess oil). But protection is just one step you can take to save your scalp. If you’re not already exfoliating and nourishing your scalp with Gemmist’s Scalp Balancing Bar once a week, it’s not too late to add that step into your hair care regimen. 

Hair loss 

It’s not just you—hair tends to jump ship at a greater rate in the summertime. Start treating your concerns from the inside and incorporate more protein into your diet. And while you’re at it, throw in a nutritional supplement or vitamin that will boost hair growth. Keep your heat styling tools stored through the season, and don’t just use any shampoo: Gemmist’s sulfate-free formulas are proven to prevent breakage and can be the warm-weather lifesaver you never knew you needed. 

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