Longing for long hair?

Length and strength

Your medicine cabinet is really Biotin storage. You drink water like it’s going out of style, and you sleep on the silkiest pillowcase money can buy. You are the undisputed MVP of Team Get Long Hair or Cry Trying. And you’re not alone. It’s why we obsess over prioritizing ingredients that have serious scientific clout when it comes to protecting your hair.

Even with that said, the reality is that sometimes genetics will get between a girl and the Cher locks of her dreams. Just remember, your parent’s genes didn’t stop you from waking up with red-carpet-ready lashes, so why should your strands be any different? 

And this brings us to the part where you go from googling “has my hair stopped growing?” back to “how can I get long hair?” and wondering why you hadn’t thought of extensions sooner. Listen. We fully support your decision. Just let us give you some words of wisdom before you take the plunge:

1) Repeat after us, class—long hair is strong hair. After all, extensions need a good solid root to hang onto. So keep conditioning with products that contain hydrolyzed quinoa protein and soy proteins.  

2) This one’s crucial too. You’ll be spending a pretty penny, so make sure you get a length you can commit to. Too short could leave you wanting more. And too long … well. You remember Cousin It, right? To prevent this, please find our handy hair length chart attached. 

To recap, some people have great personalities. Others are really intelligent, and a handful can grow super long hair. The rest of us use the tools we have to get the job done. Luckily, one of the tools you have in your arsenal is Gemmist. It’s formulated with the gimmick-free, results-focused ingredients your hair needs to put an end to those plateaus. Will it give you a mane like our models (who, by the way, aren’t wearing extensions—scouts honor!) overnight? Nope. But it can help you address the reasons why your hair isn’t growing and cut down on all those heartbreaking trims. And if you do choose to go the weave route, it’ll help keep the hair under there as healthy and happy as possible.

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  1. my hair is long but not long enough it is very thin would like it to be thicker. I have bought your product not sure if is going maby at my age it has stop growing.

  2. Five years ago my hair stopped growing. It would not move past my shoulders. My stylist suggested extensions and I decided to try them. What none of us discussed was STRESS. My life was stressful and my hair was crying out. Having extensions was both expensive and fabulous, I have to admit. But in order to have long hair of my own I had to work on my mental health as much as my physical. It took two years. The extensions came out one day and never went back. And because I am taking care of my mind, body & soul, my hair is the healthiest its ever been.

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