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Your hair porosity and odor retention

It’s Saturday night. You’ve just gone through the wash-day gauntlet, and that damn, I look good adrenaline is kicking in. So you say yes to invites that might usually be no’s — the bonfires, sports bars, and laser tags of the world. 

The next day you wake up, and your strands are still serving editorial realness. But they also smell like a bonfire mixed with french fries made in a fog machine. That means you go through the shower rigamarole, and bid your hard work adieu, right? Not so fast.

Troubleshooting your smelly hair 

First, let’s get into the reason why your hair might be holding onto odors more than the next laser tag patron — porosity. That word just refers to your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Most hair types are somewhat porous, but curly hair, and super-damaged hair, tend to be highly porous.

And the more porous your hair is, the more easily penetrated it is by strong scents.

Now let’s talk quick fixes: 

  1. Rub a dryer sheet on your hair. Bonus: if your hair is particularly static-y, this also helps with the flyaways. 
  2. Go outside and expose your hair to fresh air and sun for 20 minutes.
  3. Comb your hair more often. It clears some of the dirt and dust that might trap and contribute to odor. 
  4. Use a product that targets and captures the odor and prevents strong smells from ever reaching a nose. Yes, like air freshener for your hair. Yes, like a HAIR Freshener. Gemmist has you (and odor molecules) covered.

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