The Gemmist Styler smackdown

Sheer Styler vs. Creme Style

Let’s talk stylers. We got ‘em. You want ‘em. But we gave you options. So now you’re faced with the biggest decision since the Great Countertop Debate of 2020 (Did you go with marble??). Just like home renovation, it comes down to what will best suit YOU and your style. 

One of the biggest questions we get is, “but what is the difference?” To put it plainly, Sheer is fine hair’s BFF and Creme is the best contender for medium-weight strands that need more control. However, you might be a lucky candidate that could benefit from both. How? Well, it all comes down to how you choose to style. Two Mighty Gems are taking to the ring so we can find out which Styler reigns supreme. 

Welcome to the ring, Brit the Sheer Smasher

Brit’s hair profile

Hair type: Straight
Strand thickness: Fine
Hair density: High
Hair concerns: Oily roots, flat hair, frizzy ends 
Trick of the trade: Use Sheer Styler when you intend to use hot tools to style your hair.

Why Brit thinks the Sheer Styler is #1

Through gritted teeth: “I don’t need any added weight to my fine hair! I’m sick of sacrificing volume for shine.” 

How Brit uses the Sheer Styler

With the passion of a thousand gods: “After a day of pumping iron and greasing up, I wash with my recommended Gemmist shampoo and conditioner. While my hair is wet, I add a pea-sized amount (start small and avoid your roots…OR ELSE!) to my hair. From there, I style using hot tools (blow dryer, straightener, curling wand). Sheer Styler helps hold the style by texturizing my baby-soft locks.” 

Next up, Kelly the Creme Crusher

Kelly’s hair profile

Hair type: Wavy 
Strand thickness: Medium
Hair density: Low
Hair concerns: Too much volume, undefined waves, frizz 
Trick of the trade: Load up on Creme Styler in dry hair, especially if your hair’s porosity is high

Why Kelly thinks Creme Styler is #1

Between heavy exhales: “My day 1 hair has always been a mood DESTROYER. The fluff, the frizz, THE FURY. With Creme Styler, my waves are controlled and defined.”

How Kelly uses the Creme Styler

Grabs the MC’s microphone: “I have something to say! You do NOT need to apply heat to your hair to achieve a knock-out hair. In damp or dry hair, throw in some Creme Styler, and get back to dominating.” 

And the winner is…?

C’mon. You know we can’t choose one. But based on the passionate recounts above, you might have an idea of which is best for you. Do you tend to style with hot tools and your hair is a bit more fine? Try Sheer Styler. Do you have waves that are not waving back? Try Creme Styler. Do you switch up your style based on your mood? Well, it sounds like you can benefit from both, you lucky thang. 

Not sounding like a Brit or a Kelly?

Do you have coarse hair that is begging for softness and manageability? Your best bet is Sheer Styler. The lightweight nature of this styler easily absorbs into your thirsty strands. Trick of the trade: Use a generous amount. That extra product will deliver luxe locks that win every time.

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